Takehill-tiimi suhtautuu äärimmäisellä vakavuudella asiakastyytyväisyyteen. Asiakkaidemme menestys USA:ssa on Takehillin keskeinen missio.

Mitä asiakkaat sanovat meistä:

Thanks to Takehill’s US-based expertise, we were able to develop US-specific online content and agreements. Having Takehill also acting in our US business dev VP role, played a crucial role in maintaining strong connections with our US clients and partners. Five stars!

Tuomas Ilola, CEO, Steerpath Oy

Takehill Provided us with both strategic and practical assistance. With Takehill’s support, we successfully established our US office in Boston and were able to find and close our first US manufacturing contracts.

Paavo Käkelä , CEO, EID Robotics Oy

Takehill provided exceptional expertise in creating our US-specific content, articles, agreements, and white papers. Additionally, they successfully identified and negotiated our first US reseller partnership in Pittsburgh, PA. Five stars!

Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO, eGate Oy

The strategic guidance and hands-on support from Takehill Partners enabled us to very efficiently and fast establish our first U.S. office and secure new U.S. dealership agreements. I would strongly recommend them.

Mattias Guldstrand, CEO, Solutions for Tomorrow AB

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