Our core service is the 3-Step Lean US Market Entry methodology derived from decades of experience bringing European companies to launch in the US market. We have distilled it down to three practical and impactful steps – designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize risk.

Lean US Market Entry – Step 1

1. Scorecard

​Market research + building your scorecard

The scorecard step will help assess risks and opportunities in the US market, before investing any significant time and money into the US expansion. At this stage, we use the Lean Market Entry methodology: affordable, fast, boots-on-the-ground market research, with a sharp customer focus. Together with your team we will answer the question: is YOUR company ready for the USA?

What we do:

  • Compare your offering to the US competitors
  • Speak with your prospective clients and partners
  • Speak with your competitors
  • Assess your differentiation and value proposition in the US market

What you get:

  • At minimum weekly team meetings to get US market feedback
  • Suggestions on how to improve, if not yet ready for the USA
  • Suggestions for the go-to-market strategy, if you are ready for action
  • A scorecard report that will detail your strengths & weaknesses, and recommended actions

Lean US Market Entry – Step 2

2. Business Development

Finding US clients and partners

During the business development stage, we will test and validate the ​go-to-market hypothesis that was developed during the Scorecard stage – can we find partners and customers who are interested in your services?

What we do:

  • We setup a virtual U.S. office with a local address and telephone number
  • We reach out to prospective customers and partners for feedback
  • We start the lead generation program (optional, with a 3rd party service)
  • We write U.S.-focused content (articles, blogs, presentations)
  • We work as part of your team, with your email and company title

What you get:

  • The U.S. office presence visible on your website, with a US-based team member on Linkedin
  • Prospect listing
  • Leads from lead generation program
  • Pipeline reporting
  • Weekly meeting updates

Lean US Market Entry – Step 3

3. Scale

Setting up the U.S. legal entity for your business

Once you have paying partners or customers, we will help setting up your U.S. operations to be ready for scale. We act as your Country Manager and work with local service providers to support all aspects of your U.S. business.

Setting up the U.S. subsidiary is not always mandatory to run a business in the U.S. in the first year or two. It’s however recommended as a longer term strategy for practical reasons, such as: (1) to be able to hire US-based employees with State and Federal benefits, (2) to reduce any legal risks to your overseas HQ as all the US market legal claims will be targeting the US sub and (3) to make it easier to attract the US-based VC investments.

What we do:

  • Setup a U.S. subsidiary with local service partners
  • Open the U.S. bank account
  • Help in searching and hiring the first employee(s)
  • Setup admin services, accounting, payroll, benefits, banking, legal, insurance

What you get:

  • A legal U.S business Corporation, with U.S. Tax ID/EIN
  • Ability to hire U.S. employees with U.S. payroll and benefits
  • U.S. subsidiary that is ready to negotiate contracts with large US clients and US GOVT