Services – Marketing & Lead Generation

Marketing, Creative & Lead Generation

We’re here for discreet projects or ongoing work, combining decades of experience in creative marketing and lead generation. Our goal is to effectively connect with your target audience, address their needs, and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Analysis & Strategy

In assessing your current marketing strategy and analyzing its suitability for the U.S. market, we examine discreet marketing components like your website, branding, and messaging. Alternatively, we can offer a comprehensive and holistic overview of your entire strategy and provide ongoing fractional marketing management to ensure effectiveness in the U.S. marketplace.

What we do:

  • Branding strategy evaluation for the U.S. market
  • Web/digital/content marketing analysis
  • (Existing) Marketing methodology appraisal
  • Content/SEO/communications assessment
  • Review brand storytelling

What you get:

  • Branding Strategy Recommendations
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy plan roadmap
  • Budget & cost estimates
  • Marketing planning & implementation calendar

Project-based Creative Marketing & Lead Generation

Each client is different and requires a bespoke understanding and approach as to how best to reach new potential customers.

With decades of experience building and running marketing programs, we can provide an extensive number of marketing services on a per-project basis. From creative digital campaigns to event activation, digital content marketing to out-of-home, we can help you decide on the best possible marketing approach for your Lean U.S. Market Entry.

What we do:

  • Brand Storytelling
  • Lead generation & funnel development
  • Outbound prospecting/ email campaigns
  • Social media content & marketing
  • Event & tradeshow marketing
  • SEO audit & development
  • U.S.-centric content development
  • Collateral (data sheets, brochures, white papers, blogs)
  • Targeted campaigns & landing pages
  • Website development (U.S. audience-specific)

What you get:

  • Design & branding guidelines
  • Design, creative, and all related asset creation
  • Custom web development & consultation
  • Content creation: design, creation, and production
  • Hands-on deployment/launch
  • Weekly meeting updates

Ongoing Fractional Marketing Services

Monitoring, tracking, reporting and deploying iterations are crucial in order to understand where to prioritize marketing efforts and focus accordingly. Whether it’s adjusting the PPC spend, event attendance, SEO, or content marketing, marketing efforts need to be continuously monitored and measured in order to understand where to prioritize.

What we do:

  • Monthly analytics evaluation
  • Ongoing SEO strategy &iterations
  • Paid/PPC management & reporting
  • Channel Attribution
  • Monthly strategy assessment
  • Building out U.S.-based marketing team

What you get:

  • Fractional marketing team leadership
  • Monthly strategic refinement recommendations
  • Attribution & impact report
  • Performance dashboard report
  • Budget status & reporting