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M&A Advisory

An alternative to Takehill’s 3-Step program – enter the US market through targeted acquisitions

Takehill Process:

  1. Identify and pre-screen acquisition targets based on your agreed criteria.
  2. Present you with the most promising candidates for further due diligence.
  3. Our team of M&A attorneys, CPA financial advisors, and industry experts provides comprehensive support throughout the acquisition process.

By acquiring a U.S. company in your own market sector, with an established customer base, will help you to avoid the difficulties of starting from scratch and developing brand recognition and customer loyalty. By partnering with an established U.S. company, you can leverage the experience and knowledge of local professionals to guide you through the go to market strategy with your products. But before you get there, there is the whole process of searching and selecting the acquisition targets and then negotiating and closing the deal. That is where Takehill comes in.

Takehill helps you managing the entire M&A process. Our team will work as your extended business executives in the USA, and will find the targets, sign NDAs, screen based on your criteria, and pass the best candidates to you for due diligence. During the process, our extensive team of M&A attorneys, CPA financial advisors and industrial experts will help to get you established in the USA as quickly as possible.



  • Hit the ground running: Bypass the challenges of building brand recognition and customer loyalty from scratch
  • Accelerate growth: Leverage an established customer base to fuel your expansion and quickly gain market share
  • Refine your offerings: Adapt your products and services to better meet the needs of your new US customers


  • Fast-track your entry: Secure valuable assets like manufacturing facilities and distribution networks
  • Understand cultural nuances: Minimize cultural missteps and gain insights into customer preferences
  • Gain a competitive edge: Access talent and expertise that would be difficult or costly to develop internally


  • Start with existing resources: M&A can be a more efficient use of resources compared to building a new business from scratch
  • Reduce time to market: Get up and running faster and see a quicker return on your investment
  • Focus on core strengths: Allocate resources towards refining your offerings and expanding your reach